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Friday, July 11, 2003

Blogger Firearms Instruction

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Basic rules for safe firearms handling & use

Jeff Cooper's Four Rules Of Gun Safety

Publicola joins Kim du Toit & The Smallest Minority in offering free instruction to new shooters

The Shooters' Carnival: a group blog that deals with firearms safety, marksmanship & a few things in between

Please substitute . for DOT in the contact infromation.

List of persons willing to instruct by area:


Tucson, Arizona.

Kevin of The Smallest Minority. E-mail at gunrights@comcast DOT net


Denver, Colorado.

Publicola. E-mail at publicola_mu@yahoo DOT com


Torrington, CT

Jennifer Zordan E-mail at zordan@snet DOT net


Manhattan, Kansas.

Iceberg. E-mail at mark@pipka DOT com


Lapeer, Genesse & Macomb counties in Michigan

"I can supply the ammo... and I can supply hearing protection, shooting glasses, shoot-n-see "fun" targets, and several different quality pistols, with ammo, for the new shooter to try out. All I ask is that they pay their $7 range fee. they'd get the chance to shoot a browning hi power... a S&W revolver in .38 spec... and a ruger MKII .22 with a red dot... all fun... nothing wild.... I wont make them shoot my .454 casull!

The range (to be used) is:
Williams Gunsite Co
Burton Michigan

I am in the "thumb" area of michigan"

GenghisEd's wife is also available for women who would feel uncomfortable receiving instruction from a man.

GenghisEd. E-mail at estrange@intouchmi DOT com


Columbus, Ohio

"Helping handicapped people (such as those with arthritis or joint problems) is a speciality. Not to mention the aged."

James R. Rummel. E-mail at james_43202@yahoo DOT com


Tioga County, Pa.

2bullets. E-mail at Jneally@stny DOT rr DOT com


Dallas, Texas.

Kim du Toit. E-mail at kim@kimdutoit DOT com


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